Peach Daylily and Purple Spiderwort with a Brick wall in the background
Peach Lily and Purple Spiderwort Against Brick Wall
Travel On 

Travel on my brave soldier
Travel on wild one
Take heart winged warrior
Unencumbered take great strides.

Ride dragon’s wings forever
Stay free here evermore
Follow infinity to the heavens
Travel on to safer shores.

©Beth Brown, 2022

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Close up photograph of single yellow rose in full bloom on a trellis

Rising Up-Because Love Lives Forever

Rising Up because… Love lives forever. My son lives yet still. I will be with Dylan again. As long I live, Dylan lives too. Dylan lives on through all that I am. Dylan’s voice is now my own. Beth Brown, My Forever Son Rising Up because… I will not let the world forget my son…

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Purple Flower After Rain Against Brick Wall

Find Hope Here: Featuring Poems About Losing a Child

A Poem of Love, Loss, and Hope: “Tillers of the Earth and Tenders of the Soil” A Poem of Love, Loss, and Hope: “Tillers of the Earth” Tillers of the Earth and Tenders of the Soil We are the tillers of the earth and the tenders of the soil. These trees and plants and water garden…

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A Decade of Grief After Losing My Son to Suicide

For Here Now, I Stay,Breathing Love You Gave,My Ache Cradling You Always My Forever Son Memories of You I remember sitting with you at the kitchen table, pouring over cookie recipe books, asking “Does this sound good? Just listen” And we would make a list, a long list, of cookies to bake. Sugar cookies, Molasses…

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Red Rose in June, My Forever Son

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“My Child Above in Heaven’s Care,” Lullaby for Dylan, All music and lyrics written and recorded by Beth Brown, ©2022

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