Mr. Lincoln tea hybrid red rose in full bloom in June photo close up
I Miss You
Beat Still My Heart

Beat still my heart
Beat still my mind
Weary though thou art
Carry his love along with thine
Though heavy on thy shoulders
Crost fields throughout all time.

In the deepest dark of the bleakest night, 
If light there be, the dark shuts it out. 
Around you all is swirling, 
hurtling backwards now through time, 
a hellish hue stricken each his years 
when here on earth 'twas mine.
Deeply within that starless darkest night, 
Go deeper yet still darker, 
Oceans depth to oceans wide. 
Galaxies wide careening, 
Spilling insides outside in,
To release thy soul still screaming 
Clasping hands and heart to his.    

Body, mind, soul, rough and ragged, 
Weeping tears falling still throughout time, 
Carrying weight of mourning and grieving 
Falling broken when thou wert mine. 

© Beth Brown, 2022

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Mr. Lincoln tea hybrid red rose in full bloom in June photographclose up

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