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Why Suicide — Why? A Mother’s Reflections on Losing Her Son

Dylan Andrew Brown, age 18Forever my beloved sonMarch 19, 1992-June 25, 2012 The beat of my heart shaped by you.The song of you which still now I sing.And yet perhaps you could not hear above The deafening roar of your heart’s ache. Ghost Memories Swirl Everywhere I drove home last night past the high school. […]

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Struggling with Guilt After Your Child’s Suicide: “A True Tale of 2 Mothers”

Struggling with Guilt in Suicide Grief Parents of children who die by suicide often battle anadded type of guilt. Even if they do not blame themselvesfor not directly intervening in the suicidal act, they often feelguilt over some perceived mistake in raising their children.“Where did I go wrong?,” “I pushed them too hard.” and“If we […]