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“Once Upon a Blue-Sky Moon”–A Poem about Child Loss

Once Upon a Blue-Sky Moon A Poem for Dylan by Beth Brown And once upon a blue-sky moon, We sailed our ships in your bedroom, With stars for light, we fled the dark But the lightening flashed, And the sky grew dark. You tucked away your childhood dreams On wings that soared beyond infinity, Your […]

Child Loss Grief Heart songs: Poetry from the Heart Parents Who Have Lost a Child to Suicide Poems Poems about Loss poems of love and loss

“I Lost My Child Today”-Poems of Love and Loss

I Lost My Child Today A Poem by Netta Wilson As I just sat and stared, dry-eyed, They struggled to find words to say To try to make the pain go away I walked the floor in disbelief I lost my child today.   I lost my child last month, Most of the people went […]