"Why?" Coping with suicide Grief Guilt Parents Who Have Lost a Child to Suicide Suicide loss survivors of suicide loss

Struggling with Guilt After Your Child’s Suicide: “A True Tale of 2 Mothers”

Struggling with Guilt in Suicide Grief Parents of children who die by suicide often battle anadded type of guilt. Even if they do not blame themselvesfor not directly intervening in the suicidal act, they often feelguilt over some perceived mistake in raising their children.“Where did I go wrong?,” “I pushed them too hard.” and“If we […]

"Why?" Child Loss to Suicide Coping with suicide Coping with Suicide Loss Depression and Mental Illness Grief Parents Who Have Lost a Child to Suicide Reflections after Suicide Loss Suicide loss survivors of suicide loss

Losing A Child to Suicide: A Sad Welcome

When you lose your child, there is nothingness, the descent into the abyss of losing not just your child, but yourself as well. Beth Brown, My Forever Son In the Beginning Not my child-This has all been a big mistake. Surely this isn’t-couldn’t be true. My Forever Son Insides feel like outsides, and suddenly, nothing is real. Or matters–Desperate, […]