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The Pain of Suicide: It’s Not About Wanting to Die, It’s About Wanting the Pain to Stop

The Pain of Suicide Video: Learning More About Suicide 10 Commonalities of Suicide Below are 10 commonalities of suicide, identified by suicide expert, Edwin Shneidman, author of The Suicidal Mind. “The Suicidal Mind” by Edwin Shneidman The suicide of a child of any age presents unique circumstances that can intensify and prolong the mourning process […]

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New in the Holiday Grief Series-Handling the Holidays After Suicide Loss

My grief still descends to enshroud me when your memorial day approaches. My heart still bears the heaviness of missing you as we bear down on the holidays. It’s as though there’s been no healing in the moments in-between. And yet there has. Beth, My Forever Son Healing Through the Holidays Nine years. 3,435 days. […]