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Suicide Changes Everything-Struggling to Survive Grief After the Suicide of My Son

My Forever Son-My Beloved Dylan Suicide Shocks and Shatters Suicide changes everything. Immediately. Suddenly. Completely. Shattering everything. All is outside the natural order of the circle of life. And when a young person dies by suicide? When a young man or woman takes their life, all who knew them gasp in shock. The means of […]

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Losing A Child to Suicide: A Sad Welcome

When you lose your child, there is nothingness, the descent into the abyss of losing not just your child, but yourself as well. Beth Brown, My Forever Son In the Beginning Not my child-This has all been a big mistake. Surely this isn’t-couldn’t be true. My Forever Son Insides feel like outsides, and suddenly, nothing is real. Or matters–Desperate, […]