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Easter Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs? Another Impossible Holiday

Easter and Cusp of Spring: Holidays are Impossible Really Cusp of Spring Here in central Ohio, the day promises to be beautiful. It is only 45 degrees now, but by this afternoon, it will be 71 degrees. Skies will be gray today, but you can feel the cusp of spring. The sun, through slated gray […]

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Rising Up–Because Love Lives Forever

Rising Up because… Love lives forever. My son lives yet still. I will be with Dylan again. As long I live, Dylan lives too. Dylan lives on through all that I am. Dylan’s voice is now my own. Rising Up because… I will not let the world forget my son lived. My memories, stories, and […]

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Holiday Cheer? Christmas Day Chronicles

Christmas Day 201318 months out from losing Dylan I ran the gamut of emotions today, from true gratitude and joy with being with my family, to the utter despair, sobbing, and heartbreak of grieving the loss of my only child, my 20-year-old son. Mom said to remember the good memories through the years. That is […]


My Forever Son: Chronicling Grief, Hope, and Healing After the Death of My Son By Suicide My Forever Son is as much about my journey to want to learn to live again as it is my son’s wanting his life to end. I have had to learn to want to live again. Writing, photographing, and […]

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Losing A Child to Suicide: A Sad Welcome

If You Have Cause to Read this Now– I am so sorry for your loss. Please know my heart aches for you. There are no words. And I wish, God how I wish, something I could say or do would alter the course of this most unbearable of life’s journeys–losing your child to suicide. And […]

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I Lost My Son to Suicide 3 Years Ago- How I Cope with Unfathomable Loss

Where I Am Now after 3 Years of Grieving the Loss of My Son 1,095 Days Out and Still Counting I am the mother of a suicide I am the mother of a suicide. And in 4 days, Dylan will have died by suicide 3 years ago. 1,095 days ago. A lifetime, and at the […]


My Sister’s Reflections, An Excerpt from "Faces of Suicide: Volume 2"

An Excerpt from “Faces of Suicide: Volume 2”  (available as an e-book at Amazon for $3.00)  This excerpt is written by my sister, Linda Taylor, Dylan’s Aunt Linda. Monte and Linda before June 25, 2012 I wrote about Dylan in “Faces of Suicide: Volume 1,” also available from Amazon as an e-book for $3.00.  These […]


Walking in My Own Shoes

The Tripartite Model of Suicide Bereavement By Diana Sands, Ph.D., Director, Centre for Intense Grief; author of the book and DVD Red Chocolate Elephants: For Children Bereaved by Suicide (2010), Sydney, Australia, Karridale How we talk to ourselves and others about the loss of our loved one can ease our grief or make it more […]