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I Send All the Love My Heart Can Hold, My Forever Son

Sorrow Buried in Love-A Poem About Losing A Child

Sorrow Buried in Love

So swish to sway to sweet lullaby,
Baby will fall in dark of the night.
Rocking cradle to grave turning truth upside down: 
Parents die first leaving children behind.

In a world topsy-turvy that cannot make sense,
Sacred trust shines the brightest in a child’s innocence.
When children die first leaving parents behind,
Hope flees with the child leaving grief here for life. 

To live without sorrow seems an admirable stance,
To love without pain always breaking your heart,
To smile again when it’s been enough time, 
To heal back to whole what was once then your life.

Yet the loss of a child can’t be undone,
Even though bid us well, wishing hope move us on.
We can move only forward with our child whom we love,
Always there with us always, sorrow buried in love.

Beth Brown, ©2022
Sorrow Buried in Love

Poems of Love, Loss, and Losing a Child

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My Child on Earth Above In Heaven’s Care– A Lullaby for My Son

My Child On Earth Above In Heaven’s Care, A Lullaby for My Son

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