If Only a Mother's Love Could Have Saved You

 Bones bear girth 
 where once, 
 wisdom birthed you
 Love lost in the framing 
 of art for art’s sake

 (because and as if)

 a mother's love
 could have saved you-- 
 been there to catch
 you fall 
 tears stilled by the heavens
 stars deep as dark's cry 
 to where now
 and forever-- 
 you forever now reside.
 Your descent of life 
 hers, labored love born,
 on wings beating too wildly
 and too soon your own.
 your beat of heart hers, 
 now her own to live on
 sick pulse of ache 
 holding death in her arms.
 oh my heart 
 and oh my son,
 without you life empties
 yet love forever beats on.
 And so now, my forever,
 "Why?" replete in my soul,
 which has always--
 and still, child-- 
 moved in grooves you made whole.
 If only a mother's love could have saved you
 If only she had heard your heart's cry,
 Perhaps she could save you yet both 
 falling stars in the darkness of sky.
  © Beth Brown, 2022 
 All rights reserved


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By Beth Brown

Rememberer of dreams. Whisperer of gardens green.
At the whim of "Most Beloved" and a hot cup of tea.
I live life between, straddled here now and then,
My continuity through writing--
Pen dripping ink, mind swirling confused,
Love lingering still, and Most Beloved's purring soothes.

Blogger at "Gardens at Effingham" (where cats do the talking) and "My Forever Son" (where a mother's heart runs deep after losing her son to suicide)
Musician. Writer. Literary Connoisseur.
At the whim of a calico cat and a strong cup of tea.

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