Once Upon a Blue-Sky Moon, My Forever Son

Once Upon a Blue-Sky Moon: A Poem about Losing a Child to Suicide

ABOUT THIS POST: This poem, Once Upon a Blue-Sky Moon, expresses deep emotions about losing a child to suicide. The imagery of sailing ships and the night sky effectively convey the sense of loss and darkness. The repetition of the phrase “If I had only known” emphasizes the regret and yearning for understanding. The poem concludes with a hopeful image of being reunited and flying together again.

Once Upon a Blue-Sky Moon 

And once upon a blue-sky moon,
We sailed our ships in your bedroom,
With stars for light, we fled the dark
But the lightening flashed, 
And the sky grew dark.

You tucked away your childhood dreams
On wings that soared beyond infinity,
Your love in me and me in you,
But out of reach, beyond what I could do.

I launched your dreams
You took great flight
On wings alone you soared too high
But you found ways to onward flee
To galaxies beyond my means.

I watched you drift through hazy sky
And chalked it up to a teenage angst,
But oh my son, if I’d only known
I’d have reached right in to your dark night’s soul--

 I would have held on
 I would have clutched you
 I would have never let you go
 But you told me 
“Mom I love you”
 Oh my child if I’d only known.

So I kissed you and I held you,
And I said goodbye,
Not knowing, blue-star moon,
I would lose you that night.

You lived, you breathed, alive in pain
Through storm-dark nights and cloudy haze
But I didn’t know what I couldn’t see
The damage done beyond my means.

My sky is dark, my nights deep blue
My winter’s come, my star’s with you,
Without you here, I cannot fly
My wings you clipped 
When you took your life.

And I live on and onward flee
Towards you my son and to infinity,
Where dreams come true and you live on,
And we fly again around planets and sun,
With stars that glow against the moon,
Your love in me and me in you.

I will hold you 
You will clutch me
We will never let go
And you’ll tell me, 
“Mom, I love you”
And tears from earth will overflow,

And I’ll know then, blue sky-moon,
To never ever let you go.

© Beth Brown, 2022
 All rights reserved

In reaching for stars, my son fell from sky

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Bury My Heart: Poems About Losing a Child to Suicide

Book Summary: “Bury My Heart”

Discover a compilation of 19 profound and poignant poems that delve into the depths of grief, hope, and the arduous process of healing following the devastating loss of a child to suicide. Arranged in 5 sections, these poems offer a solemn exploration of emotions, capturing the gravity of the journey toward solace and resolution. The 5 sections each include a collection of poems woven around the theme of the section title.

1. A Deep Sorrow
In this section, the author delves into the raw and overwhelming sorrow that engulfs the heart after losing a child to suicide. The poems encapsulate the profound pain and grief, depicting the author’s struggle to come to terms with this devastating tragedy.

2. Earth, Stars, Moon, Sky
Here, the author finds solace and reflections in the natural world. Through vivid and contemplative imagery, the poems explore the intricate connection between nature and the grieving process, offering a sense of healing and connecting with something greater than oneself.

3. Why?
The “Why?” section delves into the deeply human experience of grappling with the unanswered question of why their child chose to take their own life. These poems intricately examine the multitude of emotions and thoughts that encompass this agonizing contemplation.

4. In Losing You, I Lost Me Too
This section focuses on the aftermath of loss and how it profoundly changes the author’s sense of self. The poems delve into the journey of rediscovery, reflecting on the shattered pieces of identity and the challenging process of rebuilding after such a significant loss

5. That My Love Be With You Always
The concluding section offers a message of eternal love and remembrance. These poems tenderly express the author’s enduring love and desire to keep their child’s memory alive, offering solace and hope to those who have experienced loss and reminding readers of the enduring power of love.

“Bury My Heart” is a heartfelt and poignant collection of poems that intimately captures the complexities of grief and celebrates the enduring connection between a parent and their lost child.

SUMMARY: Evoking strong emotions and capturing the pain of losing a child to suicide, Once Upon a Blue-Sky Moon is a poem that at once both captures the good memories of a child’s life and the painful trauma that is left behind when that child dies by suicide. Additional poignant poems about losing a child to suicide can be found in Bury My Heart: Poems About Losing a Child to Suicide, written by the author of My Forever Son, Beth Brown


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