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“I Lost My Child Today”-Poems of Love and Loss

Red Tulips

Chronicling Grief, Hope, and Healing After the Death of My Son By Suicide

I Lost My Child Today

A Poem by Netta Wilson
 As I just sat and stared, dry-eyed,
 They struggled to find words to say
 To try to make the pain go away
 I walked the floor in disbelief
 I lost my child today.
 I lost my child last month,
 Most of the people went away
 Some still call and some still stay
 I wait to wake up from this dream
 This can't be real, I want to scream
 Yet everything is locked inside
 God help me, I want to die
 I lost my child last month.
 I lost my child last year
 Now people who had come have gone
 I sit and struggle all day long
 To bear the pain so deep inside
 And now my friends just question why
 Why doesn't this mother just move on
 Just sits and sings the same old song
 Good heavens, it's been so long
 I lost my child last year.
 Time has not moved on for me
 The numbness it has disappeared
 My eyes have now cried many tears
 I see the look upon your face
 "She must move on and leave this place"
 Yet I am trapped right here in time,
 The song's the same, as is the rhyme
 I lost my child–today.
Dylan, My Forever Son

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As I Tuck You In

As I tuck you in, I lay me down

As I hold you now, I lift my arms

As I fall asleep, I pray for you

My child, my love, my heart, I’m with you too

Beth Brown, “As I Tuck You In”

My Forever Son

“If Earth Were Sky (And Sky Above)”– A Poem of Love and Loss

If Earth Were Sky (And Sky Above) By Beth Brown If earth were sky and sky above Then heart could hold this ache of love, Suspended, like rain, in clouds wanting to fall, But bound to sun’s joy because heart touches all. I fall ‘ere so slowly most cannot yet tell My pain lives so […]

“Bury My Heart”-A Poem about Losing a Child

Bury my heart I’ve come undone Sorting through this life My son left behind. And what I’m seeking I know I’ll never find His touch, his smile— His still living his life. And so instead I sift through A still life dream My heart and life with him Forever it seemed. And oh my son […]

Books for Loss Survivors

Loss Survivors A Note About Terminology: Loss Survivors are also called Survivors of Suicide–a confusing term used to depict those left behind after the suicide of a loved one. Using Loss Survivors as a term clarifies the confusion between the semantics of Survivors of Suicide–who are loss survivors–and Suicide Survivors (those who have attempted suicide […]

Resurrection Lilies

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By Beth Brown

Rememberer of dreams. Whisperer of gardens green.
At the whim of "Most Beloved" and a hot cup of tea.
I live life between, straddled here now and then,
My continuity through writing--
Pen dripping ink, mind swirling confused,
Love lingering still, and Most Beloved's purring soothes.

Blogger at "Gardens at Effingham" (where cats do the talking) and "My Forever Son" (where a mother's heart runs deep after losing her son to suicide)
Musician. Writer. Literary Connoisseur.
At the whim of a calico cat and a strong cup of tea.