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Grief Pause: Watch Mog the Cat in “Mog’s Christmas Calamity”

Grief Pause (Paws)

I love this cat–Mog, and I love this animation of Mog’s Christmas story. I am posting this video because there is only so much sorrow a heart can take. Sometimes, I just need to smile. Sometimes, I just need to be distracted.

And I know that, down deep where my little girl still looks up at her Mommy wide-eyed for comfort, Mog satisfies a longing I’ve always had–and still, and now so desperately need, a longing to hear those magical words: “It’s all going to be alright. It’ll all be okay in the end.”

Distillation of Hope

God, how I need this kind of ending. Here, in Mog, I find this distillation of hope. And if hope and all good things can find Mog in the midst of random chaos, then how much hope and all good things, though unbeknownst to me now, are meant for my ending.

Oh if only my happy ending, on down the line, when all the chaos sorts and sifts and filters through so many many cumbersome levels and layers of grief. Love means everything. To know we are loved. To love and be loved. To be loved so fiercely that even when everything goes wrong, love carries us and hugs us into its arms.

Yep, I think I need a hug. And love. Tons and tons of love. And someone to tell me “it’s going to be okay,” “it will all be alright.”

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