Pictures of Dylan: Wanting, Missing, Longing

January 2010 at Grandma’s house, Grandpa Brown is on the computer screen–the Dylan we all know and love

Saturday night and I just miss him–everything, intensely. I want it all back–Dylan and Luci flopped on the couch, gaming, the comedy channel, the history channel, boys coming over for pizza, to game, to play music, to hang out. Dylan here, just here.

Dylan and Luci, both now in heaven. Luci died in April 2011 and Dylan, in June 2012.

Memories–The Growing Up Years

Reynoldsburg High School marching band, Dylan playing alto saxophone

Jack Hemphill–Jack and Dylan gamed all the time at our house. I’d come home from teaching and there they’d be, joysticks in hand, sounds of explosions and craziness from the tv, Dylan asking “what’s for dinner?” “Can we have pizza?” Just thinking about this brings a smile. 
The Dylan we all knew and loved–empty pizza boxes stuffed under his bed, shoes with laces never untied, growing up on hardwood floors with floorboards that creaked.
Dylan’s recording studio in our lower level at Kings Charter.

Dylan with braces and an aquarium full of fish. In December of 2004, we had a fierce ice storm that knocked out our power for 9 days. The fish? Well, they didn’t survive. This is the year Dylan got an X-Box, his first, for Christmas, but there was no electricity! Dylan was upset, but to me it’s one of my most memorable Christmas’ with him. He and I camped out in Grandma and Grandpa’s living room near their gas fireplace and played boardgames. 

Brad, Jeramiah, and Brittany–all so young. Jeramiah and Brittany were married last summer, July 13th, 2014. 

I could hold you for a million years. Dylan, spring, 2012

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